ESL Writing 5


Camden County College

Spring 2010 Semester

Blackwood Campus



  Breaking News from Your Professor!

I have posted grades on a new page.



   The Writing 5 Mantra: 

  "Complex Ideas, Clearly Expressed"


Essay Assignment

  No New Essay Assignment

 Reading Assignment 

   One Last Wiki Assignment (Required)

Instead of class meeting Wednesday

Today, we met for the last time as a class. My other college conflicts prohibit me from meeting you on Wednesday, May 05. Instead, I'm requiring you to participate in one last wiki assignment..



Homework Assignment 

     Nothing new



Nothing new.






Professor David Hodges



ESL Department Blackwood



Jefferson 218



(856) 854-8385 Home Office



(856) 979-6653 Cell Phone





Mon/Wed 10:30AM-11:45AM



Wilson West 204


Office Hrs

Mon/Wed 12 Noon-1:00 PM







Reading Exercises Chart

Not just the current reading, but links to the entire reading series.

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Essay Assignments Chart

Not just the current essay assignment, but links to the entire essay series, including sample essays to guide your writing.

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Student to Student Page!

You'll be free from Professor involvement at the Students Only Page. Drop by to leave a comment for the class. Share links. Whatever you like. The page is yours to use.

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