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A Scary Time to Raise a Daughter

Page history last edited by David Hodges 11 years, 9 months ago

A Scary Time to Raise a Daughter

by Steve Lopez

p. 775


Analyzing an Implied Main Point

     Author Steve Lopez makes a strong case that parents are very concerned about the images their children see, and the messages they receive, from the millions of advertisements they're exposed to by the time they're teenagers. The author is especially concerned because he is the father of a new baby girl.

     Would he be so concerned if his baby were a boy?

     Why are parents, fathers in particular, so disturbed by the romantic lives of their children, daughters in particular? It's the point of the whole essay but the author never says so.

Comments (16)

trangnguyen said

at 10:13 pm on Apr 5, 2010

After reading this essay, I can see those images involved in sexual that have popped on everywhere, have strong influences from to the kids'life in this century. Yet to my opinion, the author should be concerned to his son too as his daughter because both of the kids who are growing up always have curious personality. They are innocent person; they only want to know what is that from and want to proud their selves in front of their friends at school. So staying as the parents' role, we have to take care our kids daily such as knowing what are their needs or what they are excited to. Anyway, we also should not let our kids think that we are disturbing their life.

rokya alao-fary said

at 11:41 am on Apr 6, 2010

hi, this essay is really interresting and i think that the father worried a lot about her daughter romantic lives because girl at the early age like 12, 13 and more are really vulnerable. Moreover , girls can get pregnant so easily and it can change the whole course of their life. Also, girls can be raped and it can traumatized them for all their life.A boy on the other hand is just a boy, he has no problem he can't get fooles by a girl just for sex, he can't get pregnant and even if he get a girl pregnant it will be different because he can just say that he is not the dad or don't want to have nothing to have with the pregnancy and no one can blame him because he is not the one who will carry the pregnancy or suffer 9 months till the baby will born. Also, boys can get rapped by girl, anyway till now i never heard it....

fatimazahra said

at 12:42 pm on Apr 6, 2010

After I read this essay I can see how much the parents are so concern about their children life especially from the day they get born until they become adult or maybe for ever. I can realize that father focus just on daughter romantic life I’m agree with it, but he shouldn’t forget the son’s life because also they has their secret life and should fathers be too close to their son’s. in fact in my country the parents are focus to the boys life not girls because the girls are close to their moms, so fathers are comfortable about girls also the environment when they grew up in it’s same they can find same education and same rules wherever they go they can’t find any problem, but when they came to boys here it’s different because boys you don’t know what he is doing outside home they can be late, smoking or drinking or stilling ….here the fathers so tough with boys all the time ,not like here fathers concerned about girls life. Actually I’m agree with rokya that girls can get pregnant and raped but the parents should divide their concern between both gender if girls or boys because both of them has same problems but from different angles.

nidhi said

at 6:59 pm on Apr 6, 2010

After reading this essay I can understand why parents are always worried about their kids specially daghters.Author told us what's goin on in today's world with daughter. as soon as i read the title of essay i got that it must be concer to parents of a yound daughter. now we read in news paper that how rude people are being with young girls. They don't care how old the girl is they just use the girl and thorw it out from their path. parents are alyways foucs on daughters life more this is how it works in our society. parents can think guys can do whatever what they want to insted if parent tell the same thing what they told then girls are always safe on roads.

ND Nguyen said

at 7:58 pm on Apr 6, 2010

In my opinion, there are two emergent points that parents, particular the father in the essay, so disturbed by their children' s romantic lives. First, under the effects of delicate advertisements, children' s minds are poisoned and possessed by sex. "Belts are unbuckled. Bras are undone." Girls do not respect their own bodies. And rapists are everywhere. How frightened a father is when his little daughter grows up in such a environment ! Also, because sex is the word which exists consistently in children' s minds, they have a tendency to eager to discover sex more than love. As a result, parents are afraid of sex will sweep away their innocent babies when the children are in romantic relationships. In this case, I think, gilds are always victims of sex willy-nilly when they are in relationships. Sooner or later, girls are hurt in mind and body whenever they are in optional or compulsory situations. Therefore, a father definitely has a legitimate reason to protect his baby girl.

Trupti patel said

at 8:43 pm on Apr 6, 2010

i think in this eassay author tell very usual story. i believe its fact all prents are worried about thier childern and i think specially about girls. they are always worried what thier children are doing, where they are doing. at this time we can see how people are behaving with young girls. people can make girls life misrable. In this eassay authour tells about effects of advertisements of children's minds are posioned and possessed by sex. girls are innocent they more listen to people. they dont think before they do anything so that is reason parents have to be careful.

rajbir13 said

at 9:09 pm on Apr 6, 2010

i read the essay, it is an interesting essay and unfortunately this is the truth of our present society. parents are worried about their children but more about a girl child. nowadays teens want to live in a different kind of world full of drugs and sex. todays ads, tv and internet are also pushing them towards sex. when ever sex is related girls are the ones who got hurt both physically and mentally. the author is worried about his daughter because of the conditions of todays society. i think he will be equally worried if he has a baby boy instead of a girl because in present time both boys and girls are not safe. girls could be sexually abused and on the other hand use of drugs, alcohol, smoking could take a boys life into darkness. it does not matter about a girl child or a boy child parents are always worried about their childs wellbeing.

Maria Aznar said

at 9:10 pm on Apr 6, 2010

It is obvious that new advertisements by the time are getting more attention by means of their "creative" messages either visual or audiovisual. In this case, the problem is how some advertisements project their messages to people. It could be a problem if the public are teenagers because of their concern of being attractive to the opposite sex. Tactics to seduce men or women could end in surgery exposing these teenagers in a dangerous situation, and as a result, the parents' concern. So it is normal to see a father or a mother being worried about their children when they are surrounded by a great amount of garbage messages. At this complicate age of teenagers, they usually belief this kind of messages that instead help them, destroy them. Also, the way that sex is treated today is totally wrong. I think that some teenagers, including adults too, see the sex as achieve a goal. It is sad to see how something beautiful like love and sex are becoming in just sex affairs and trophies. All people should be afraid about that not only parents. :)

Tan Hoang said

at 9:23 pm on Apr 6, 2010

boys and girls life need to be treat equally. they are just different about genders, buy they have the same brain structure. boys and girls around the teenageer are usually curious about thier growth and so, so that, instead of limit and observe thier activity or paying to much attention on them, parents can just teach them watch they are curious about. parents should alway open mind and generous to let children questioning. parent should tell them "how to protect and respect to your body"

julian molokwu said

at 9:54 pm on Apr 6, 2010

This Essay is very interesting, and i think the reason why parents are so worried about their daughters more especially the fathers is because women can be deceived easily by the opposite sex more especially the teenagers.In my country, it is an abormination for a woman to have kids in her parents house, for this reason, fathers are so curious about their daughters way about and also caution them about their relationship with boys, the implications of having sex before marriage, like unwanted pregnancy and diseases.

Neel Patel said

at 10:56 pm on Apr 6, 2010

Hey Professor Hodges,
In the paragraph 19, the Author states a fact about when the radio is on, all the kids are shocked by the noise of sex...It is a biggest thread in our society, that people are so open. It has gotten to a point where a naked girl is sandwiched with two boys on a poster, and that poster is posted outside of clothing stores. This is probably the most unneeded idea or thought influence the teenagers the wrong way. They usually choose the wrong path later on. What encourages them to take that path? The poster that are posted outside Abercombie and Fitch store.(a clothing store).

Florence oledimma said

at 11:02 pm on Apr 6, 2010

The essay is wonderful and educative too. l think the parents are worried about their daughter especially the fathers because they love their daughters so much that the don't want anybody to deceive them or take advantage of them. They love the boys also but to them, boys are men like them.

Elvia Mateo said

at 11:23 pm on Apr 6, 2010

I like this essay because all it says is true. Now teenagers have sex at a early time. I know some girls that had their babys at fourteen years old. For teenagers, have a boyfrend is have sex. Sex is normal for teenagers now. Parents should talk with them about sex risks to prevent them. For father's is hard to understand daughters because they usually are over protect. I think the best way to protect a daughter about sex is have a good comunication like be her best friend. Showing the values of respect herfelf and wait until she gets mature.

Mary Ebogu said

at 9:30 pm on Apr 11, 2010

For me, I think this essay has a lot of details that's to be known. Raising a daughter is as difficuilt raising a son, the only difference is the time frame. I realise that teens are more likely to be influenced by what they see than what they're are being told and that's why ad's has being the number one prey on teens life. When a girl gets to a stage of puberty, parent should take their time in lecturing her about the consequences of sex, and how honourable it is to keep her self and likewise to the male. In one of Tyra's show, it was recorded that 75% of teens have had sex on public places like theatres, in cars and even on their parent's bed. Most of these teens are under 16. These misbehavior of these teens is as a result of the way and manner they are being trained, letting them go to night party with numerous guys is a way to show how careless a parent can be and this is why teens under 17 get pregnant or contact diseases like Std, cervical cancer and urthrea disease.

kamrunaleya said

at 8:20 am on Apr 21, 2010

This is one of the most important essay i have read in Wiki reading.This essay is important in several ways.The essay talks about the impact of ads in teens life,specially in girls life. I think raising a daughter is much easy than raising a son. Well girl's has the high chance to fall in pregnancy problem though boy's has the equal chance to face the problem of early fatherhood. In addition boy's can be involved in many social crimes such as; taking drugs, doing terrorism and fighting with anyone etc. Teenage crimes are one of the most important issue for today's society. Teenager's are often attracted by what ever they watch in the TV and ads are one of the important fact for today's teen destruction.

salena said

at 9:57 pm on Apr 22, 2010

The essay is realistic. It has something that is always happen to arround us.Raising daughter is very hard for tadays parents spacially who are concern about their daughter. The father is really concern about their daughter because if daughter takes any wrong decision in their life, they might be fall any problem in their life. The situation is raising daughter or female child became tuff because of teenage sex problem. Girls can easily fall in any problem but the boys do not have the chance to fall in any problem what girls fall, such as, pregnency, rape, and sextual haresment. This teenage problem are highly increased by inspired of ads.

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