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Your Grades

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Your Grades are Posted on WebAdvisor

     If you already use WebAdvisor, go directly there for your grade. Your grades were posted Tuesday morning and should be visible now. Only your course grade is available. If you need to know how you did on the Final Exam, you may email me for that information.



     Students who failed the Final Exam will find an I for Incomplete as a course grade. By now, you should have made arrangements for your Review Session and Final Exam Re-Test. The retest, which will be held Friday, May 14, is optional, but you can help me by letting me know whether you plan to take it. I will update WebAdvisor with new final grades following the retest session.


MP Grades


     As you know, successful completion of Writing 5 requires a passing grade on the Final Exam and a passing grade for the course work. If you passed the Final, but find an MP at WebAdvisor, your average for the course was less than 75% but more than 60%.


Having Trouble with WebAdvisor?

     Many of you have told me you have difficulty using WebAdvisor to find your grades, so I've produced two brief tutorials to help.

     The first will introduce you to the procedures for getting to WebAdvisor and navigating the screens.

     The second will help if you've already tried unsuccessfully to use WebAdvisor but have had trouble logging on.

     Before you activate the videos: 

  • Turn on your speakers before you start
    • Despite my irritating delivery, the presentation makes more sense when you can hear me narrate it.
  • Widen your page before you start
    • The screencast wants to be as wide as your screen without the sidebar. Click the little arrow in the upper right hand corner of this PBWorks View window to expand the window temporarily.


Screencast 1: How to Use WebAdvisor to Find Your Grades




Screencast 2: Troubleshooting for WebAdvisor Log-on Problems




WEBADVISOR Student Help Desk

24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

(856) 374-4900

Your call will be forwarded to India for a VERY REMOTE help desk helper!


There is no Charge for the call or the Service.


Comments (2)

nidhi said

at 4:55 pm on May 11, 2010

call will be forwarded to India for what?????

David Hodges said

at 5:02 pm on May 11, 2010

Forwarded to India for HELP. This used to be an on-campus service, but it's been outsourced. SERIOUSLY outsourced. :)

Actually, it's a cheap way for Indian students to call home if you happen to know the Help Desk helper!

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